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About Kay's Off Her Gourd
I'm Kay Lovingood. I'm off my gourd, crazy about making art out of hard shell gourds. In 2011, I created my first piece of gourd art. At that time, I was teaching elementary music, not thinking about art, except for my hand-crafted bulletin boards. But I was immediately hooked on gourd art.

Before then, my hobby was photography; and I had joined the North Augusta Artists Guild to show my photos. But that night in 2011 changed her life. My first creation was "Quackers" the duck, shown at the right. I chose a gourd that was shaped like a duck, because I didn't know how to paint, or what to paint. But covering it with white paint and black lines, and adding an orange beak -- now that's a duck!

In the years since, I have honed my craft, experimenting with many of the popular gourd art techniques that can be found on Facebook and YouTube. Since retiring from teaching in 2015, I've had opportunities to go to gourd gatherings, so I can learn by taking crafting classes. 

I get most of my gourds locally, at The Bug's Gourd Farm, in nearby Keysville, GA. I use dyes, acrylic paints, and alcohol inks. I carve with hand gouges and power tools like Dremels. I add designs with a wood burner, too. And the rims of my bowls and vases are made out of beads, twine, pine needles, feathers -- you name it!

I'm a member of the American Gourd Society and the Georgia Gourd Society.
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