Kay's Off Her Gourd

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Gourd Pot with Handles A gourd pot with a red zigzag design and red handles.

Gourd Pot with Handles

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$ 90.00

A gourd pot with a red zigzag design and red handles.

Product Detail:

Designed to look like a classic pot, this vessel has two opposing handles that are made from the slender neck of another gourd. The handles are attached with putty, with decorative marks carved in them.

Around the girth of the gourd is a carved band, framed top and bottom with wide white stripes, also carved. The central band has been dyed deep red, with zigzags striping it all the way around.

The handles were dyed deep red, to match the design on the body of the gourd. The putty was painted with liquid gold, which blends nicely with the tan color of the gourd itself.

This piece is about 10 inches by 10 inches.

Although it will hold water, I don't recommend doing it. The inside has been sealed; but gourds are porous, and any small amount of water that gets through may cause damage.

Shipping is included in the cost of this item.

Gourd Pot was design and created by Kay, of Kay's Off Her Gourd.