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Sunflower Bowl Gourd bowl with a sunflower design on it.

Sunflower Bowl

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$ 70.00

Gourd bowl with a sunflower design on it.

Product Detail:

Made from the bottom of a gourd, cut open and cleaned out, the sunny disposition of this bowl is certainly a day brightener! On top of the natural amber color of a gourd, the yellow, orange, and green dyes make a perfect combination. Five hand-drawn and wood-burned sunflowers make a pattern around the bowl, framed top and bottom by darker brown rims. the large leaves of the flowers reach out, touching and overlapping one another. The inside of the bowl is sealed, but natural in color.

Please note that this is art, not a functional bowl. Although it is sealed, it should not hold food.

Shipping within the US is included in the price of this item.

Sunflower Bowl was hand crafted by Kay, of Kay's Off Her Gourd.