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Daisy Vase A gourd vase with yellow daisies carved around the body.

Daisy Vase

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$ 50.00

A gourd vase with yellow daisies carved around the body.

Product Detail:

A mixture of natural beauty and skilled carving gives this gourd vase its charm. The brown marbling that shows against the lighter tan background are natural. All gourds have them, more or less. To me, it makes a gourd beautiful! I hesitated to carve the outer shell away, because of those markings.

But it did carve. I carved a large spiral groove around the body, then carved deeper to create three dimensional daisies against the white meat of the gourd. Veins and folds that are part of the flowers and leaves were faithfully carved into the design. Then I painted the flowers with acrylic paint. Daisies are such happy flowers!

The vase is about 6 inches tall.

Please note that although this is a vase, it is mainly art, and may become damaged it water is put in it. Dried arrangements only, please.

Shipping within the US is included in the price of this item.

Daisy Vase was hand crafted by Kay, of Kay's Off Her Gourd.

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